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Open House CI FLEXO in BOBST Bielefeld

Open House CI FLEXO took place in training expert center BOBST Bielefeld, Germany on 27-28 February. At the event under the motto "We make it happen", the opportunities and prospects for the development of printing with extended color coverage have been presented, as well as the presentation of a new 10-color flexographic printing press BOBST 20SEVEN with a CI. »


Open House in BOBST Bielefeld

We invite you to the event BOBST OPEN HOUSE CI FLEXO, which will take place on the 27 – 28 February, 2018 года in the expert centre BOBST, Bielefeld, Germany. »


Training at BOBST Belfield manufactory

Employees of VMG printing holding have been trained at the modern plant of the world famous manufacturer of printing equipment BOBST in Germany. »


Goryev Yu. V.

We made the first integration in our printing house in 2009 when Hiline tower was installed with two Cityline Express towers in one line.
In Ja... »

Levin Leonid I.

Publish-Printing House “Nord-Press” (Yakutsk city) – is one of the oldest private enterprises in the Eastern Siberia. It produces 5 “own” news... »

Sergeev S.

The printhouse “Fobos” printed its first colour copies of newspapers on the print press Cityline Express. The speed of printing, folding and CTP have ... »

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The Open Professional Printing Competition “Sanat” has welcomed its participants once again. The award ceremony of the winners in 8 nominations was held in “Grand Hotel Polyana” in Sochi, on the 8th of October, in the presence of 140 guests.

According to the participants’ opinion, each year “Sanat” becomes more popular and attractive. Since the moment of establishing the bronze statue remains the same, but intensity of the fight for the right to get grand prix increases. And this time the number of participants of the professional competition was record breaking. Fifty four printing and publishing houses sent their applications to the Organizing Committee. Forty one printing houses participated in technological nominations, and 13 publishing houses took part in the nomination “The best newspaper design”. For the first time nomination “Publishers’ choice award” has its winner. Along with Russian winners, two foreign printing houses from Kazakhstan and India were awarded with “Sanat”.

For the first time in the nomination “The best product of quarter-fold or parallel-fold size (А4/А5)” the 2nd place was given to two printing houses which had the same number of points. For the first time at the decision of the Organizing Committee grand prix “Sanat” for nomination “The best full-color newspaper” was given to two printing houses from Russia and India (Indian printing house printed its competition lot with better newsprint paper, and Russian printing house met all conditions of the Competition Regulation and showed high quality of printing with standard newsprint paper).

The Competition was supported by Manugraph, UPM, “TZPK” in manufacturer, “Tatmedia” media group, Russian Union of Designers, Guild of Press Publishers of Russia, National Association of Printers. Since 2014, the newspaper “Arguments and Facts” has become general media partner of the Competition.

The Organizing Committee of the Open Professional Printing Competition “Sanat” gives its congratulations to the winners.

“The best newspaper design”. The nomination is presented by
the partner of the Competition – Russian Union of Designers.                                   
3rd place – newspaper “The Red Star”, Moscow.
2nd place – weekly newspaper “Vechernyaya Moskva”.
1st place – newspaper “Vechernyaya Moskva”.

“The best product of quarter-fold or parallel-fold size (А4/А5)”
3rd place – “Orsk Press”, Orsk.
2nd place – “VMG-Print”, Podolsk.
2nd place – “News-print Rotacia”, Samara.
1st place – “Gazetnyy dvor”, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan.

“The best combined product”
3rd place – “Kirovskaya oblastnaya tipografia”, Kirov.
2nd place – “Publishing complex “Poligrafia Povolzhya”, Saratov.
1st place – “Prime Print Moscow”, Dolgoprudnyy.

“The best newspaper production printed with coated paper”. The nomination is presented by the partner of the Competition – concern UPM.
3rd place –«Kubanpechat”, Krasnodar.
2nd place – “Prime Print Moscow”, Dolgoprudnyy.
1st place – “Pervyy poligraficheskyy combinat”, Krasnogorsk.

“Common Sample”.
The nomination is presented by the partner of the Competition – “TZPK”
3rd place – “Prime Print Ekaterinburg”, Ekaterinburg.
2nd place – “PK “Extra M”, Krasnogorsk.
1st place – “VMG-Print”, Podolsk.

“The best local or regional newspaper”. The nomination is presented by the partner of the Competition – OAO “Tatmedia”.
3rd place – “Pechatnyy dvor Kubani”, Krasnodar.
2nd place – “Gazetnyy dvor”, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan.
1st place – “IPF “Voronezh”, Voronezh.

“The best full-color newspaper”
3rd place – “VMG-Print”, Podolsk.
2nd place – “Pervyy poligraficheskyy combinat”, Krasnogorsk.  
1st place – “Printing complex “Deviz”, St. Petersburg.
1st place – Printing house Jagran Prakashan, India.

“Publishers’ choice award”. The nomination is presented by the partner of the Competition – Guild of Press Publishers.
In accordance with common opinion of the publishers, “Sanat” is given to “Extra M” printshop.

Special certificates and diplomas were given during the award ceremony:
Manugraph gave special “Excellence diploma” to the printing house “Gazetnyy dvor”, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan. We would like to highlight that this printing house wins the statue “Sanat” for the fourth time.  

Concern UPM gave travel certificates to Finland with visiting UPM paper mill in Jamsa River Mills and Jamsa i Kaipola to the printing houses “Kubanpechat”, Krasnodar; “Polygraph-Service”, Bryansk; “Printing complex “Deviz”, St. Petersburg.

Newspaper “Arguments and Facts” gave certificates for one year subscription to the winners in nomination “Common Sample”.

Gala evening continued with outstanding performance of jazz singer Yulia Litosh and wonderful disco with full dance floor.

Organizing Committee of the Open Professional Printing Competition “Sanat” invites newspaper printing and publishing houses to participate in the next “Sanat” competition.

If you start to prepare well in advance, “Sanat” award will surely be yours!


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