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BOBST CL 850 D 1350/450 laminator with a possibility to expand up to tandem configuration

The universal duplex laminator Bobst CL 850 D for the production of flexible packaging is installed in the printing house Polygraphoformlenie (St. Petersburg). »


Installation of the first in Russia ECOLINE printing press

On September 17, at the printing house of MAU “IC“ Norilsk News ”(Norilsk), with joint efforts of engineers from Manugraph concern and Vneshmultigraph company ECOLINE web offset printing press was put into operation. »


Goryev Yu. V.

We made the first integration in our printing house in 2009 when Hiline tower was installed with two Cityline Express towers in one line.
In Ja... »

Levin Leonid I.

Publish-Printing House “Nord-Press” (Yakutsk city) – is one of the oldest private enterprises in the Eastern Siberia. It produces 5 “own” news... »

Sergeev S.

The printhouse “Fobos” printed its first colour copies of newspapers on the print press Cityline Express. The speed of printing, folding and CTP have ... »

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The history of the newspaper printing: EPF “Voronez”


Hiline Express took residence on the Lizukova street. JSCo “Edition Printing firm “Voronez” has finalized stage one of an investment project concerning further development of the newspaper and semi-commercial printing. Specialists of the Vneshmaltigraph firm have launched a new newspaper line uniting the printing turrets of HiLine Express and CityLine Express. The history of the newspaper printing in Voronez goes back a long time and for the period of the past three centuries it is inseparably associated with the Edition Printing firm “Voronez”. The firm was founded in the XIX century by the 2nd class merchant Goldshtejn V.A. who opened the first private printing converter in the city in September 1858 and as from May 1859 began creating a newspaper which was not only superior in its technical execution but also the best private newspaper in the city - the “Voronez Sheet”. After 130 years, in XX century, the film production company “Souzmultfilm” created a cartoon “A kitten from the Lizukova street”, which made an ordinary Voronez street famous throughout the country. It was nothing said if the cartoon about a kitten Vasilij refers to another remarkable event which took place in the same year and on the same street when EPF “Voronez” opened a newspaper printing site of the print house. The history told that from 1988 the print house has started printing millions and millions of newspaper copies which were telling their readers about the events and the daily life of the soviet country. An event that took place in December 2013 has further strengthened current positions of the edition-printing firm and provided new potential for the development in the XX1 century. EPF “Voronez” has commissioned and put into operation a newspaper complex Manugraph with the following composition: printing turret 4+4 Hiline express equipped by the drier Uvitron, printing turret CityLineExpress with built-in roll loading, folder 2:2:2 with third bend. Finally, Hiline Express is also fitted with the weighted roll loading with an additional web tension control. Besides the newspaper equipment Manugraph, the company has also bought a new CTP-system ECRM mako 400 with developer Agfa VPP 68, which will allow the converter to withdraw completely from the film technique and provide an opportunity for using new printing equipment. The company management believes that the consolidation of the technical positions in the prepress and printing processes will create a reliable technological base for producing quality colour newspaper & magazine copies. The EPF “Voronez” is now printing 55 newspaper titles which are circulated not just in the Voronez region but also all over the Central Black Earth Region.

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