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Bobst M5X Narrow-web printing press is installed in “Kima flex” printing house

The printing house specializes in the manufacture of high-quality self-adhesive labels with any kind of finishing. »


Next gear for converting

Located in Northern Italy, Veronapack is a converting company founded in 1989 that started its business producing high-quality partitions in selected corrugated paperboard. »

07.04.2020 13:36:00

Installation of ORTHOTEC SRFD4040 line for label finishing

In March 2020, VMG specialists installed a new label finishing machine SRFD4040 manufactured by ORTHOTEC. »


Goryev Yu. V.

We made the first integration in our printing house in 2009 when Hiline tower was installed with two Cityline Express towers in one line.
In Ja... »

Levin Leonid I.

Publish-Printing House “Nord-Press” (Yakutsk city) – is one of the oldest private enterprises in the Eastern Siberia. It produces 5 “own” news... »

Sergeev S.

The printhouse “Fobos” printed its first colour copies of newspapers on the print press Cityline Express. The speed of printing, folding and CTP have ... »

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Installation of the first in Russia ECOLINE printing press


On September 17, at the printing house of MAU “IC“ Norilsk News ”(Norilsk), with joint efforts of engineers from Manugraph concern and Vneshmultigraph company ECOLINE web offset printing press was put into operation. The printing press consists of one 4 + 4 tower and 1: 2: 2 BK folder. This is the first installation of such line in Russia and the CIS countries.

A distinctive feature of the model is compactness and small size. The printing tower on the basis of a single wall has a 4 + 4 color and a height of just 2.6 m, which allows installation in production rooms with ceilings up to three meters. In addition, the compact dimensions provide convenient machine service on one level, as well as a quick transition from circulation to circulation without loss of print quality and minimal waste. ECOLINE is ideally suited for short-run production at speeds up to 25,000 prints per hour.

The newspaper line includes a 1: 2: 2 BK folder with the third fold device. The folder has a reliable design that allows you to work with paper with a density of up to 100 g / m2 and a folding accuracy of ± 0.5 mm.

Газетная машина Ecoline Manugraph в Норильске.jpg  Газетная машина Ecoline Manugraph в Норильске_холдинг VMG.jpg

The Municipal Printing House and Publishing House of MAU “IC“ Norilsk News ”is a company with a history that for 65 years has been producing a city newspaper with information about the life of Norilsk. Over time, “Zapolyarnaya Pravda” newspaper became the only print publication in the city. That is why it was extremely important to prevent stoppage in production. The purchasing and installation of a new ECOLINE machine was an important stage in the modernization of the city printing house and the development of Norilsk as a whole. As a result of the discussions, it was decided not to separate the publishing house and the production. According to the design, the new printing press was to occupy the place of the old one, which has been working for a quarter of a century. And for its implementation in the production room of the printing house, foundation strengthening, redevelopment and repair were needed. All this became possible thanks to the coordinated work of the printing house staff, city authorities, as well as partners of Norilsk city. Now the municipal newspaper “Zapolyarnaya Pravda” will delight its readers with full-color pages.

Инсталляция первой машины Ecoline в России, Норильск_VMG.jpg

On the photo: Mr Vladimir Shilovsky, chief editor of the newspaper “Zapolyarnaya Pravda”, and Mrs Elena Muzhaylova, director of the MAU “Information Center “Norilsk News”

On September 18, the festive start of the new ECOLINE printing press took place, at which the first persons of the city wished the staff of the printing house of MAU “IC“ Norilsk News ” fruitful work and left their autographs on the first copies of the newspaper“ Zapolyarnaya Pravda ”.

Торжественный запуск новой печатной машины ECOLINE_Генеральный директор Внешмальтиграф Дмитрий Резизов.jpg

From left to right: Deputy Head of Norilsk Mr Andrey Malkov, Head of Public Relations of the Norilsk Administration Mr Vladimir Barinov, Deputy Head of Norilsk for Social Policy Mrs Natalya Korosteleva, General Director of Vneshmultigraph Mr Dmitry Remizov, Director of MAU “IC “Norilsk News” Mrs Elena Muzhaylova, Chairman of the City Council of Deputies Mr Alexander Pestryakov, printing house employee Mr Sergey Romanov, head of UKRiS Mr Dmitry Samorodov.

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