Visit to India to Multitec factory

Visit to India to Multitec factory


In spring of 2023, specialists from Vneshmultigraph company visited Multitec factory. It manufactures printing equipment for printing premium labels and is considered one of the most modern and high-tech factories in its homeland.

What is Multitec?

The history of the brand began forty years ago. The first factory was small and produced offset printing machines. Already in the first 6 years of operation, the production area increased more than doubled, the number of installations exceeded 250, and exports began.
At the beginning of 2000s, there was a decline in the offset equipment market, and Multitec switched to the production of flexographic printing lines. By the middle of the decade, full-cycle production opened; in 2014, the first servo-driven flexographic machine was produced, and exports were carried out to 20 countries.
An important feature of modern production is that the company uses components from the best manufacturers from Japan, America and Europe.
Now the number of installations of flexo machines has already exceeded 450, they are carried out in 40 countries. Not so long ago, equipment began to be supplied to Russia.

Trip program

The printers’ trip to India was connected with the first order to our country. The Moscow printing house "Arte" purchased the flagship servo-driven model S1. VMG specialists went to the plant to carry out acceptance and personally verify the quality of the equipment.
The visit program included demonstrations in action and testing of various machines:
  • the ordered S1 machine - it is equipped with ten printing sections, stations for lamination, die-cutting, cold stamping, the ability to print on the adhesive layer and create labels, width - 450 mm;
  • eight-color flexo machine E2 - it can be used to print on non-stretch materials, for die-cutting of self-adhesive labels, lamination, working with “super-transparency”, monofilms, etc., width - 450 mm;
  • rewinding and inspection machine with the possibility of additional equipping with flexo section and rotary die cutting.
The program was rich and exciting. The guests were warmly welcomed, and the level of production pleasantly amazed them. Sales Director of Vneshmultigraph company Mrs Elena Stepanova shared: “Some colleagues admitted that they did not expect such a high level of production. They were personally convinced that Multitec produces modern equipment and will now confidently bring it to Russia.”

Visit to India to Multitec factory

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