Mr Kolomiets Maxim V. (Director of Production at Krasnaya Zvezda JSC)

(Manugraph CityLine Express newspaper printing press and Manugraph Ecoline book printing press)
Krasnaya Zvezda printing house works not only with periodicals, but also with books, regulatory products, and cartographic publications. The venerable age of our company has allowed us to go from a small workshop to a large publishing and printing enterprise capable of solving any customer problems. Among them are Russian Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Presidential Administration and other ministries and departments, regional and municipal entities, public organizations, enterprises and individuals.
We always strive to keep up with the times, so last year we carried out an overhaul, installation of engineering systems, and most importantly, the purchase of new equipment for the workshops. Vneshmultigraph company helped us with this.
Two of the most valuable acquisitions were the modernized Manugraph CityLine Express newspaper printing press and Manugraph Ecoline web book printing press. The first one is necessary for fast and high-quality printing of large media circulations, and the second one is for the production of books.
Cooperation with Vneshmultigraph was comfortable, pleasant and effective from the first to the last day. We were faced with different tasks. Manugraph CityLine Express needed to be installed and modernized at our premises. And Manugraph Ecoline was to be delivered and installed on site in a room with a low ceiling, only three meters. Ecoline machine became the second installation of this model in Russia and, without exaggeration, brought book production and printing to a new level.
Vneshmultigraph specialists coped with all the tasks perfectly; they confirmed their reputation as true professionals in their field. It’s a pleasure to deal with colleagues who don’t just ship products, but share their experience and knowledge, help us quickly know a new equipment and make our work even more efficient.

Mr Erik Erkenov Lega-Print printing house

Lega-Print printing house is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and specializes in the production of self-adhesive, wraparound and shrink labels.
For a long time, the workshops had two printing machines: Master M5 370 and M3 530 mm from BOBST Firenze. This is a high-quality equipment, its capabilities were enough to meet the needs of the customers. But we were constantly under stress. If any of the machines were to fail, we would not be able to complete orders on time. Fortunately, thanks to the fact that we bought high-quality equipment and turned to Vneshmultigraph company for installation and service, such emergency situations never happened.
This year the stress is over for us! We have purchased the second M3 530 mm machine. Firstly, it allowed Lega-Print to reach a new level and become the main supplier for the clients, and secondly, it can provide insurance for its “colleagues.” The installation of a new machine was also carried out by VMG specialists. Everything went perfectly: professionally, quickly and efficiently. And, what is very important, it is simply pleasant to communicate with VMG employees: they are friendly and sincerely passionate about their work.
In our work, equipment service is very important. The printing house receives various, mostly urgent orders, and we cannot let our customers down. The success of the enterprise depends on the reliability of the partner. VMG does not fail! We stipulated directly in the contract with BOBST Firenze that all new equipment should be installed only by specialists from VMG. This way we can be sure that new machines will perform as well as existing ones.


Levin Leonid I.
General director of “PPH “Nord-Press”
(CityLine Express printing press)

Publish-Printing House “Nord-Press” (Yakutsk city) – is one of the oldest private enterprises in the Eastern Siberia. It produces 5 “own” newspapers, works out a big volume of printing production annually.
According to the information from the National Circulation Service (NTS), the leader of circulations in its nomination, the winner of the prestigious Russian and international awards, among the most prestigious of “Nord-Press” publications is “Evening Yakutsk” newspaper.
Everything is changing rapidly. The demands and requirements to the orders have been changed for the last decade. Now the main agenda is the technical modernization of the installed printing lines.
We have been closely working with “Vneshmultigraph” company for the last few years. The result of this cooperation is the expansion of the web printing segment. A popular Cityline Express printing press manufactured by Manugraph (India) company has been installed in a specially reconstructed printing shop.
We are sure that we have made the right choice. From the date of the acquaintance with “Vneshmultigraph” we have had a good cooperative relationship with this company and it was clear that “Vneshmultigraph” was very interested in the partner’s plans and business. The conclusion of the contract was the start point when the mutual intentions have become the activities. Today we can say that the supplier has fulfilled all his obligations. We’d like to pay the attention that the equipment, before reaching Yakutsk, its final destination, has been delivered by different means of transport. But thousands of kilometers of the way don’t influence on the equipment’s timely delivery.
All stages: delivery time and installation works have been made in the total accordance with the schedule. Specialists of VMG service center, who made the installation work at our site, are the professionals and experienced mentors. VMG engineers train our young printers to work on the printing press which has much design features. Now our printers can work and make service of the printing press by themselves. We only start working with new modern equipment. The first stage of the relations with “Vneshmultigraph” was successful and we hope on the further fruitful mutual cooperation.


Kucheryavyi Sergey
General Director of “Polygraph-Service” printing house
(CityLine Express printing press)

We cooperate with the company “Vneshmultigraph” since 2005, when the first Manugraph printing machine was installed in our printing house. During the period from 2005 till August, 2008 add-on with printing towers 4+4 was carried out three times. Today newspaper printing machine Cityline Express includes 8 units for 4+4 printing, 2 units for 1+1 printing and two folders 2:2:2. “Vneshmultigraph” took into account all our requirements to possible operational modes of the printing press.
As a result, we have a technical solution which allows us to use the equipment efficiently when carrying out orders. In July, 2011 both folders were equipped with Tolerans stitching systems. Supply and installation of the equipment was also carried out by the company “Vneshmultigraph”. The level of installation works can be confidently called exemplary, and “Vneshmultigraph” is a reliable and responsible partner for supply and technical service of the printing equipment.

Goryev Yu. V.
The owner of “DPK” printing house
(HiLine Express – HiLine - CityLine Express printing line)

We made the first integration in our printing house in 2009 when Hiline tower was installed with two Cityline Express towers in one line.
In January 2010 we made the second integration when we installed a new Hiline tower into the hybrid printing line Hiline / Cityline Express and made the synchronization of the whole printing press’s software. We had to sell one of two installed Cityline Express towers and to purchase a new Hiline tower instead of it. We’ve started the works for the modernization of the installed earlier equipment in its working condition. We were discussing the details of this project with Vneshmultigraph and Manugraph specialists. Special software has been worked out and installed for the connection of two web offset printing presses. It’s impossible to stop a newspaper production for a long period. But Vneshmultigraph specialists have made a successful work and could put into operation the upgrade printing line.
During 2011-2013 the printing line in our printing house was equipped by the following modules: Hiline Express printing tower, Quadtech system, Bay window, Web aligner, UV dryer. As a result of the significant changes the unique printing press can print several publications at the same time with a high quality both on plain and on coated paper with high speed and automatic control of the print quality.  Due to this modernization the printing house has reached the highest competitive level in Russia what allows to expand the range of publications, number of customers, and as a result it will have a direct influence on the profitability increasing.


Filippov Dmitriy
The head of the print house “Fair Surgut”, Tuymen (print press Hiline)
(print press Hiline)

We are very pleased that it takes one telephone call to solve all the problems. I can assure of it everyone considering buying a print press from Vneshmultigraph. Our experience has convinced us that the approach of the company-supplier always takes into account the best interests of the customer. As a result the cooperation turns out to be productive and mutually beneficial.

I could also mention that the company’s specialists installed the equipment within 2 months instead of the anticipated 3 and without involving Manugraph’s service engineers. Taking into account the level of the equipment as well as its dimension and weight characteristics (weight 60 t, length 20 m and height – about 7 m) we can talk about a sufficiently high level of the supplier’s technical services.


Sergeev S.
The head pf the print house “Fobos”, Salavat, the republic of Bashkortostan
(машина CityLine Express)

The printhouse “Fobos” printed its first colour copies of newspapers on the print press Cityline Express. The speed of printing, folding and CTP have significantly helped with orders’ execution. Purchase and installation of Cityline Express has definitely become a step forward for the print house “Fobos”. The print house is operating since 1998. It started with one risograph and then added Duplo. Now in our arsenal we have a full-colour print press Hamada, Romayor, Dominant, a paper-rewinder and automatic cutting presses, a collating machine with a binding machine, a thermal binder, a gilding press, a Darix casemaker and a photographic readout.
Due to the modern equipment and our qualified staff, the print house Fobos now holds a leading position in the south of Bashkortostan.


Bukreev Dmitriy
Technical director of “Tashpolygraphcombine”
(Two print presses Starline S30 with a Newsline’s 45 folder and automatic splicer)

Technical director of “Tashpolygraphcombine” Two print presses Starline S30 with a Newsline’s 45 folder and automatic splicer.
We are a big printing house operating rolling and sheet offset printing machines.

We have already been using the Manugraph’s equipment for a year and it is working very well. We produce 18 newspapers a week with the copy count ranging from 5.000 to 100.000. Two days a week the print house works round the clock and in all other days – with one shift. Mostly it prints newspapers in two or in four colours however a production of coloured magazines has recently started.

There have been no complaints from the print house’s customers. We had one service visit from an engineer when we needed to regulate something in the equipment but nothing has ever broken down. We are very pleased with this equipment.

Nikishin A.
The head of the print house “Mining Altai”, Ust Kamenogorsk
(NewsLine S 30)

In operation since 1998. During this time it proved itself to be an easy to use and reliable equipment producing newspapers of good quality. During the time of the equipment’s usage, which is already 6 years, we have not had any breakages while all replacements of units and components were made in advance never causing a pause in the machine’s operation. At present we are planning to fit the existed configuration with additional supplementary elements so to widen our options.

Yankilevich Ilya
The head of the publishing house “Caucasian recreation”, Mineral Waters, Russia
(Starline S30, Newsline S30)

We are now the leaders in the printing services’ market of the North Caucasus. We bought the first print press Newslane 30 in 1997. Then in 1998 we have added to it two more units. The demand in the newspaper printing market has grown significantly in our region over the last few years and in response our print house has assembled one more rolling machine Starline S30 in 2003, which we bought from the company Vneshmaltigraph on credit.
These machines provide an opportunity to produce newspapers on the required level of quality, satisfying current requirements to the quality of the newspaper print. There have been no complaints from the print house’s customers and readers concerning the quality of print.

Nesterenko V.
The head of the print house “New World”, Donetzk, Ukraine
(print press Cityline Express)

A good economic decision for producing coloured newspapers.

Simonova E.
The head of the print house “North Pravda ”, Arkhangelsk, Russia
(машина Newsline S30)

A good machine in running order. In operation since 2002. The machine has the full workload. We are pleased with the technical support provided by the engineers of Vneshmaltigraph, which was required just once. Since then we fully service the equipment ourselves.

Funtikov S.
The head of Kirov district print house, Kirov, Russia
(Starline S30)

Fully satisfied. Installation has been made in 21 days. Service Requests are accomplished immediately. Now the machine works in 2 shifts.

Bakenov B.
The head of the printhouse “Shalkar”, Aktobe, Kazakhstan
(машина Starline S30)

Quality equipment, which has already been in operation for six months and has presented no problems at all so far. But, of course, we use only suitable materials. In our print house we use only this machine, which carries 70% of the workload. Our employees completed the training for this equipment in the company Vneshmaltigraph and now we can deal with all the problems by ourselves. We are really proud to have this equipment - one of the best in the region