Label production is considered one of the most promising areas of modern printing industry. Stylish and high-quality packaging is needed by manufacturers of absolutely all goods - from food and water to household chemicals, cosmetics, auto chemicals and other products. Therefore, many printing shops decide to purchase label printing equipment and develop this industry.

"Vneshmultigraph" company supplies and services the various printing machines. One of the divisions of the holding - VMG LABEL - specializes in equipment for the production of labels and packaging. In particular, it delivers to our country high-quality flexographic printing machines from the leading manufacturers.

Specialists working in printing houses know that the breakdown of printing equipment entails many problems. Machines should not be idle, as it is impossible to delay the release of the circulation and the financial losses of the printing house resulting from the downtime.

Flexographic printing presses are designed for printing on flexible materials (various types of films, including shrink films). This equipment is needed for the manufacture of labels and is very popular with printers that print self-adhesive labels for their customers.

Hot stamping of labels is one of the methods of post-printing processing, which is the application of patterns to the surface using metal foil. It is pressed under pressure and high temperature. For this, special equipment manufactured by ORTHOTEC company is used, you can purchase it from Vneshmultigraph company. 

The process of a label creation involves not only its printing, but also a number of subsequent finishing operations. They are designed to improve the appearance of the product, give it certain effects, improve performance, protective properties and consumer qualities, make the label original and stand out from the crowd. 

Flexographic printing presses are used in many printing companies specializing in labels, stickers, etc. This technique allows you to quickly and efficiently get the required number of labels. Now flexographic printing machines are considered one of the most popular in this area.