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27.09.2021 16:34:00

One of the largest customers of Bobst Firenze moved to a new production site

Vneshmultigraph engineers carried out the transfer and putting-into-operation of three BOBST printing lines from the old site to the new one. In order not to stop production, the entire range of work was carried out by Vneshmultigraph team in an operational mode, practically without stopping for rest and was completed for four working days. »


08.09.2021 18:07:00

In August this year, Vneshmultigraph specialists installed another Bobst Nova M1 printing line

Nova M1 model is popular and has a large number of repeated sales, both in Russia and around the world. Thanks to a special price offer, an optimally thought-out configuration, reliability and ease of use, as well as a short production time. »


07.09.2021 13:29:00

ORTHOTEC offers one of the fastest screen printing solutions on the market

In summer of 2021, a contract between one of the largest Russian label manufacturers and Vneshmultigraph company for the supply of ORTHOTEC SRFD finishing line was concluded. »

VMG Events



Innovations in flexible polymer packaging

On April 8, a webinar of the Rosupak Expert Club took place. The topic was “Innovations in flexible polymer packaging: market development trends and modern technologies”. The event was organized by Bobst with the support of VMG company. »



Roadshow 2019 Flexible Packaging and Label Seminar

On November 13, Flexibles and Labels Converting Roadshow 2019 seminar on flexible packaging and label took place St. Petersburg. »