VMG Group

The history of VMG Group is distinguished by a healthy growth dynamic and the mutually beneficial development of business relationships with manufacturers of printing equipment and consumers. The foundations of a modern industrial holding were laid with the creation of the "Vneshmultigraph Co Ltd" company specializing on deliveries of the Manugraph newspaper printing equipment in the USSR.

Today VMG Group's activities are focused on introducing customized commercial products and concentrating resources on research and analysis and to further expanding its' customer range. Such a business plan guarantees that our services always retain a high level of quality on all the stages of various projects.

VMG group includes the following companies: Vneshmultigraph Co Ltd, VMG-trade, VMG-print. VMG-Label is a sub-division of Vneshmultigraph Co Ltd, which concentrated on label-printing narrow-web UV machines.

Professional staff of the holding is comprised of more than 120 specialists of various profiles: engineers in the field of technology, engineers in the field of mechanics, programmers and managers, publishers and editors, economists and lawyers, printers and servicemen. VMG Group has been holding the position of market leader in the printing industry of Russian and CIS for many years.

Mr. Alexander Remizov founded the company Vneshmultigraph Co. 

Vneshmultigraph Co., Ltd

The Company was founded in 1989. Hundreds of rolling printing machines of various types has been installed during the years of successful operations in Russia and the CIS – ranging fr om the small and simple PO-62 to the high-speed and automated newspaper presses - Hiline Express. Fr om the beginning up until today the Company's main direction of business activity is delivering and installing Manugraph rolling printing machines and providing newspaper complexes with supplementary and post-printing equipment.

Specialists of Vneshmultigraph Co Ltd have accumulated vast experience in finding solutions to the problems of complicated installations including a building-block design of various printing machines' models and the problems with the balancing and commissioning in spaces with low ceilings or production premises with restricted access.

Engineers of the service department can guarantee the stable work of the rolling printing machines and oversee the process of the contract's implementation from the project's initial stage up to the start of the equipment's utilization. They provide technical support, service, warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment.

Quality and reliability of the Manugraph newspaper printing machines ensure the quick integration of the equipment into the printing house's production cycle which gives customers a strong incentive to cooperate with the Company again. Replacing old equipment with new ones, upgrading and re-equipping earlier installed machines is an on-going process. And it is especially important that there is a strong potential of new newspaper factories using Manugraph printing machines being established in the regions.

On the strength of a deep knowledge of the newspaper printing market's specifics and technical capabilities of the Manugraph printing equipment Vneshmultigraph is in the position to make uniquely advantageous proposals to its customers.

The invaluable experience of Vneshmultigraph, accumulated over the last 27 years, and a training center established on the basis of the "VMG-Print" newspaper printing house allows for indentifying and foreseeing problems that printing houses may face in the course of production as well as offering customers all the necessary assistance and support in solving these problems.

Vneshmultigraph is proud of the results of its work in the newspaper market, of the quantity of the equipment installed and the long-term and consistent relations with its customers who highly appreciate the Company for fulfilling its obligations.

Vneshmultigraph has its representations in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine and thanks to this the Manugraph newspaper printing machines are installed and are effectively operating in various CIS countries.

From 2007 Vneshmultigraph represents the largest US manufacturer of rolling printing machines in the CIS area - the Manugraph-DGM company.

The Company is dedicated to providing support to its business customers. Regular exchange of experience and latest information help Vneshmultigraph to retain its existing clients and acquire new through building trusty and committed business relationships.


VMG-Print printing house was founded in 2003 and for 13 years has been working in the field of newspaper printing.

The first web offset printing press practically without automation was installed in 2003 in order to demonstrate Manugraph’s equipment to customers in operation. The equipment was delivered by "Vneshmultigraph" company. Printing house’s site has also become a training center, wh ere technicians and printers from all over Russia and CIS countries were trained for operation and service of Manugraph printing presses.

Three years later it was decided to upgrade the enterprise, and the printing house moved to a new larger building in Podolsk, wh ere three CityLine Express printing towers manufactured by Manugraph were placed. This printing line successfully worked over further years.

In 2008, in order to increase the production one more modernization was undertaken and a new high-end equipment – Hiline web offset printing press was installed. It consisted of 4 printing towers and two folders allowing manufacturing of two circulations at the same time. Hiline printing line provided a significant enhance in production while increasing printing efficiency.

In 2014 VMG-Print made one more modernization – the fifth Hiline printing tower was installed. Next year the printing house won the professional "Sanat" competition in the nomination "The best combined product" and once again proved the highest standards of print quality.

Today VMG-Print is one of the largest newspaper companies in Moscow, specializing in the printing of newspapers and magazines. The printing house is among the five largest newspaper companies in Russia.


The VMG-trade Company, which is a part of the VMG Group Holding, was founded in 2005. It sells consumables for the offset and newspaper and flexo printing houses.

VMG-trade focuses on building long-term relations with its customers and develops its strategy based on both the technological capabilities of printing houses. The Company's experts know the problems that could arise in the production process and are able solve them efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Main partners of VMG-Trade company are:

  • TOYO INK (Japan), the world global manufacturer of printing inks;
  • GeKa (Belgium) is a manufacturer of UV varnishes, inks for print and industry
  • TechNova (India), which is one of the largest manufacturers of print chemistry and film materials as well as for digital and analogous aluminum printing plates produced according to the Agfa license.

VMG-Trade delivers consumables all over Russia, including Far East and Chukotka. Cooperation with a large number of transportation companies allow for the optimization of delivery charges and selection of the best options for transporting materials to the customer printing house.

The wide range of VMG-Trade materials includes:

  • Offset and flexo inks Toyo INK;
  • GeKa UV inks and varnishes for industrial furniture enterprises;
  • Offset newspaper inks VMG Cold Set;
  • Printing varnishes of UV curing GeKa;
  • TechNova Printing Chemistry: moisturizers, washes, cleaners, developers;
  • Offset rubberized fabric TechNova;
  • Materials for large format inkjet printing;
  • Polyester films for digital printing machines;
  • Polyester films for the manufacture of photoforms and chemistry for processing;
  • Shafts for offset printing machines.

For the last years, the company has been significant strengthening of relations with major foreign suppliers and manufacturers of equipment for automation of industrial and technological processes.

In 2015, the own production of printing chemicals was established: washing and moisturizing additives. This allows us to respond more effectively to the needs and wishes of customers.

The range of products for digital printing significantly expanded, new materials for the production of photo books appeared. Deliveries of highly reactive UV LED / LPC inks and varnishes TOYO INK have started. New auxiliary products for the printing industry have been tested and already delivered: a modern offset rubber, anti set-off powders, cleaning rollers and more. The range of materials for the production of large-format printing manufactured by TechNova company significantly expanded - a natural canvas for inkjet printing, self-adhesive PVC film, backlit for light boxes, glossy and matte photo paper for pigment printing.

A wide range of UV varnishes for various purposes has appeared in the range: for varnishing labels, screen post-print processing, as well as varnishes with low migration, varnishes for in-mold labels.

The company VMG-Trade annually increases the quality of services and guarantees the high quality of consumables, it is always ready to help by sharing the accumulated experience with its customers. We have confirmed the financial stability of our business and continued execution of projects on a long-term and complex supply of consumables in the printing houses of Russia and Kazakhstan.


The Business-project VMG-Label is a new division in the VMG-Group structure that was established to develop perspective directions of the Company's operations in the field of equipment for producing labels and flexible packaging.

The project was originally undertaken by the company Gidue Rus. Gidue Rus was formed in 2010 and now it is an official representative in Russia and the neighboring countries of Nuova Gidue S.R.L. (Italy). In 2015 the consolidation of companies Bobst and Nuova GIDUE and the official rename of Nuova GIDUE into Bobst Firenze took place.

A logical continuation of the project development was the cooperation with ORTHOTEC company, offering to the printing houses the solutions for the producing of labels with hot stamping, screen printing, embossing and finishing labels printed digitally.

At the end of 2015 the signing of the contract with one more huge manufacturer of the equipment for label and packaging producing took place. A new partner of VMG-Label has become the English company ASHE, widely known all over the world for its rewinding, inspection and stamping machines.

One of the Company's strongest attributes is warranty and post-warranty high-quality services of equipment producing labels and flexible package. The Company's personnel include highly-skilled technical specialists who exercise the operative service control and perform the equipment's installation.

The Company VMG-Label has regularly participated in the largest international industry shows: Labelexpo, Drupa, Chinaprint, "RusUpack", "PolygraphInter". The factory holds open door days several times a year when the customers can test the equipment that use their programs.

Bobst Firenze S.r.l. (former - Nuova Gidue S.r.L. ) is a manufacturer of high-quality flexographic equipment for the label and package industry.

ORTHOTEC is a manufacturer of high quality narrow web equipment: high servo machines and offset printing, finishing equipment, equipment for flat screen printing, embossing and hot foil stamping.

ASHE is a manufacturer of high quality equipment for rewinding, inspection and stamping of web material.

Rotary Die Company Sp. z o.o – manufactures a wide range of printing tools such as printing and magnetic cylinders, embossing pairs, gears and many other.

Dilli is a leading manufacturer of digital presses for the printing of label products in South Korea.