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On June 27, Vneshmultigraph celebrated its 34th birthday. In 1989, the history of the enterprise, known today as one of the most reliable and responsible suppliers of printing and flexographic equipment for printing houses, began. »


VMG at RosUpack exhibition

VMG Group took part in the printing exhibition RosUpack 2023. The unusual time we live requires a new approach and non-standard solutions. In a short time, the printing equipment supplier Vneshmultigraph company managed to revise the portfolio of equipment offered so that current customers could perform the same tasks. »


VMG is the official representative of Multitec company

Since 2022, Vneshmultigraph company has been the official representative of the modern plant of Multitec company. The plant develops, implements and manufactures flexographic printing presses and other excellent quality devices that are designed for the production of labels. »


Goryev Yu. V.

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«VNESHMULTIGRAPH» at «RosUpack-2023» exhibition

«VNESHMULTIGRAPH» at «RosUpack-2023» exhibition


RosUpack exhibition attracts many professionals every year, but in 2023 it became special. Over the past year and a half, the industry had a lot of stress, it was necessary to make quick, effective and innovative decisions so that printing houses can fulfill their obligations before customers. Vneshmultigraph company took part in RosUpack-2023 exhibition and showed that it has successfully coped with the challenges of the time.

By the time of the event, VMG company had arranged the supply of flexographic machines for printing label products from Multitec manufacturer. It produces equipment for the production of various types of labels and packaging. Now, in mid-2023, already six Multitec narrow-web printing lines are in the process of being delivered to Russia. Issues with both payments and the supply of spare parts have been resolved.

One more Indian manufacturer, Manugraph, is a long-time partner of VMG. The company specializes in book and newspaper printing equipment. There are no problems with the supply of both the machines and their components. In April 2023, one Manugraph web offset printing press was successfully installed for the production of book products.

Taiwan ORTHOTEC label finishing machines aroused a great interest among exhibition guests. One finishing printing line has already been installed in Moscow this year. The negotiations with several companies were held about the future installations during the booth’s work.

Besides, over the past few months, one of the departments of VMG Group - VMG-Trade company - has expanded cooperation with a long-time partner from India - TECHNOVA company, and also released a new line of UV varnishes and adhesives VMG UV VARNISH.

The exhibition showed that the Russian printing market has overcome the shocks, reoriented towards Indian manufacturers and is showing the growth.

«VNESHMULTIGRAPH» at «RosUpack-2023» exhibition

«VNESHMULTIGRAPH» at «RosUpack-2023» exhibition

«VNESHMULTIGRAPH» at «RosUpack-2023» exhibition

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