Dryer expands printing options

Dryer expands printing options


In Krasnaya Zvezda printing house, a GEW UV dryer was installed on Ecoline book printing press. The printing line was modernized by Vneshmultigraph company specialists. Not standard outfeed for dryer installation in the printing shop with low ceiling was manufactured at Manugraph factory.

Installation of the dryer was made for about one week, the first prints on light-coated paper using a dryer and special UV inks were received.

The transition from the usual technology of ink drying by absorption to the technology of polymerization ink fixing allows avoiding scuffing, increasing the lineature and the maximum percentage of ink application, and increasing the printing speed. All this together raises the quality of manufactured products, expands the range of papers used.

The new purchase will allow Krasnaya Zvezda to become stronger in the book and magazine printing market.

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